About Us

Who is MCBH?

Carlton Carrington - Co Founder

Carlton Carrington is a partner, co-founder and Executive Director of Mi Casa Behavioral Health Program. Carlton also passionately strives to make a difference in his community. Carlton’s community activism was passed onto him early in his life by his grandmother Ms. Laura Carrington, who was committed to improving Baltimore one act at a time. Seeing his grandmother’s consistent and compassionate contributions to their community ignited Carlton’s leadership vision of his own as a community activist, mentor and basketball coach to many young men throughout Baltimore City; his activist spirit came honestly, and helped give birth to Mi Casa. Carlton has always coached and mentored young men as an AAU basketball coach for Nike/Adidas for the last 20 years. He guided and helped cultivate the early careers of NBA athletes Carmelo Anthony, Will Barton, Donte Green and many others into college sports. “Coach Bub,” as he is known in the basketball community, is the go to guy in Baltimore when it comes to the next hottest prospect coming out of the area. Many coaches and agents on the college and professional level respect him; he hopes to leverage that respect into a reputable, trusted program that helps collegiate programs combat substance abuse amongst their student athletes.

Martin McNair - Co Founder

I’m Martin McNair, co-founder of MI Casa Es Su Casa Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Program and MCBHConsultants. I’m proud of my many accomplishments in business and in life in general, but one of my biggest accomplishments is as a parent of a student athlete who will be attending a Division 1 college in the spring of 2017. This sense of pride and gratefulness comes from the fact my son is not the young man I was at his age. I was raised by a single mother in Baltimore City in the 80s, where young men raised one another and didn’t always have positive male role models to look up to. The misinformed rites of passage into manhood were filled with poor decision making behavior, substance abuse, incarceration and sometimes death.

I’m passionate about helping and teaching people – especially young people – the tools and life skills to attain their greatness; that is my daily business. My passion for helping young people and student athletes attain their greatness includes advising them on taking advantage of the opportunities they’ve been blessed with through collegiate sports and avoiding the pitfalls of substance abuse that can plague so many. I believe that it’s easier to plant seeds and trim a young plant as opposed to cutting branches off of an old tree.