Here's what people are saying about MCBH Consultants...

D1 Student Athlete:

“I never thought I had a problem until I found myself risking everything to get high. Knowing the consequences, I just thought, ‘one more time won’t hurt – it’s all in fun.’ But then I found myself unable to play. I’m thankful that I was able to get help and support from MCBHC. I put it all on the table and realized I did have a problem and needed to change my behavior. I couldn’t ruin my career, disappoint my mom, my team or my coach. I had to get it together and now I’m making better decisions.”


“I thought I had more control over the team than I did. I thought they valued this opportunity more than they did. I thought that many of the horror stories would scare them straight. I thought they didn’t have that much free time between class, practice and games. My thoughts were all wrong. I realized I needed to do more than preach. I had to teach. MCBHC helped me to get a pulse on the thoughts, behaviors and motivations of the players and provide them with the intervention they need to thrive.”

Student Athlete:

“I wanted to stop. I was hoping that coach wouldn’t find out. I got caught and thought it would be over. It wasn’t. MCBHC showed me how to make better decisions, how to weigh my consequences and how not to allow outside pressures influence my behaviors. They helped me work through my emotions and to want to be a better student, athlete and person.”